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When you look at fighters like Jones and Davis it kind of makes me think, sure they both look very explosive and dominant on the ground, but they have not really been tested against anyone with a truly world class ground game, so there remains a possibility that they have been able to let go more on the ground to date that they would be able to against someone with a very high class BJJ back ground, which is something lacking from the UFC division at present and the UFC seem reluctant to bring new talent into this division at present and we have seen a lot of fighters cut, the name Roger Gracie comes to mind, would he be able to take advantage of any loose openings they may offer via been over aggressive, makes me want to see Damien Maia move up to test out what kind of defence they have against a A class BJJ practitioner, as there ground styles seem very loose and are all aimed at aggression with little thought of defence, and to date the past has shown that its the defensive side of wrestling like show by the likes of Matt Hughes or GSP that has over come BJJ not this high pace attacking style.

tbh the mix of talent in the UFC LHW division at present does not impress me, all you have is Davis, Jones and Bader rising the ranks through a list of mediocre fighters, Rampage who is very one dimensional and on the decline dispute his recent win over Machida, still he does not bring the energy and range of moves if you like that he once did back in Pride. Then Shogun who knows how his injuries are going to effect the rest of his career, is very unlucky really but chances are he will never achieve the potential that he could have if not for repeated injuries that have seen him have to take years out of his training, then Machida something different in terms of skills, I would say him and Rash are they only really diverse fighters in there,

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