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I wrestled for twelve years before getting not bjj. The thing thats gonna be your gonna need to look out for the most is takedowns. In high school wrestling, which is not greco-roman or freestyle its called folkstyle or colliegate, a takedown is two points. from what ive learned in bjj takedowns arent as important aslong as you get to the ground. I can list about 15 varitations of a double leg takedown you'll never see in bjj. Also in wrestling there is a thing called a near fall. Its earning points for having some one almost pinned. If the opponents back is on the mat, at about a fortyfive degree angle, you can earn up to three points if they are held there for a five count. An advantage you'll have their are your mount escapes. They will keep you off your back. They have to be a little quicker then you'll be used to but they'll work.

Compared to bjj wrestling moves a an incredible pace. From what ive learned of bjj its about pacing yourself and setting up that good submission. Wrestling is all out for six minutes.

Just rember stay off your back and dont try to choke anyone out or throw and arm lock cause youll get thrown out of a tourney for that. Its all about the pin in wrestling. You'll earn your team six team points for a pin. Anyother specific questions Trainee just lemme know i know more about wrestling than i should.

And to the person who said said 90% of high school wrestlers dont know how to wrestler. That is the biggest crock i have ever heard. They may not know how to grapple wiht submissions but high school wrestling is a sport that if you dont know what your doing you get hurt. I've seen it myslef. Wrestling is a not a sport where you can go pro or make a million dollars wrestlers love the sport. They love the competion and they know what they are doing.
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