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Thanks man!

Beginner BJJ

Warmup drills, technique was a near side armbar from side control, then a transition to turn it into a kimura. Also worked a side control escape.

In rolling I got rounds in with the two purple belt instructors, spent most of my time on the back and mount of one of them. The other spent most of his time in my guard, but fell off for a heel hook instead of passing. Also rolled a white belt that basically spazzed out on me. Starting from our knees he tried to get a collar choke on me while we were still upright and, I guess, he tried to throw me with it. Anyways I ended up on top of him while he reefed on the choke, passed to side control while he was still trying to choke me out. It was tight but obviously thats a pretty inferior position to choke from. Spent most of my time on top of him, took his back but he escaped into my guard by the time the end rounded.

Only one class today but it's my 6th class this week already so I've got a good pace. Body's achy but alright. It's record breaking cold here right now and I got a nasty nose bleed at the end of class, probably won't be the last.
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