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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Thanks guys.

I think she is okay. I think she might be having a digestion problem, but at the same time she seems to be doing better, so maybe she was just needing to clean out her system, tummy ache sort of thing. I'll see how she is tomorrow.

Something to note, however - I cannot have kids. I cannot have kids because when this lil bird shows signs of maybe being sick I freak out and start searching everything online and taking picture to post on a parakeet health forum and like.. yeah. I'd have a heart attack before my kid reached 5 from the stress I am sure.
It's more like, it drives you to drink.

I just drove around dropping the Swplets off at their little friends' houses. A little earlier I put all the food away and finished the Beaujolais, and now we're watching the Godfather again. I'm translating the bits here and there that have Italian and no subtitles for L&M, because I'm all helpful like that.

I'm going to start a tradition of Black Friday meaning, I wear black, eat a turkey sandwich and get ripped on Johnnie Walker Black whilst listening to The Black Album.

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