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Originally Posted by Dmaster23 View Post
In the ultimate fighter when the match becomes too even and they can't determine who won the fight, the sudden death round is granted... Why not do that in UFC fights when the fights become too close?
Instead of having to wait 3-6 months to see the same fight again?
bad idea. people train for 3 rounds. now they would train for 2. so a wrestler finds it twice as easy to lnp a victory.

it works in tuf vecause they are amatuers in that context.

another idea is to have a 4th round. again its a bad idea. people will either hold back for the final round or they will get robbed for maxing out in the first two.

a lnp'er well ahead on points would always be forced to go to another round or the crowd go ape shit because they wanted to see him get knocked out.

the bottom line is this..........judges dont decide fights. they judge them.
this paradoxically moves the game to much into them deciding the fight, by giving them the control of the octagon. this then puts more fan and dana pressure on the judge and creates a ****in mess.

it works in ams but it just aint professional.

the pressure on judges to award a third round would be immense. people would be pissed at not seeing their moneys worth if the fight didnt go 3 rounds, minus a ko/sub.

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