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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Okay what are you planning to do with these gloves?

I'd say don't buy either of those gloves. I use 14-16 ouncers for heavybag/bodybag/double end bag work. Only hand-wraps for speed bag, and no gloves/wraps for grappling.

also 44 quid is a lot for gloves. if you were going to spend that much on gloves id say buy some everlast protex 2 gloves, thats what i prefer personally.. but its all about finding something that is comfortable for you.
eventually I need 3 pairs of gloves, 16oz, 7oz and 4oz, but I am going to buy them in stages, not sure exactly to be fair why its just what is recommended at the gym I am training at along with Shin/Instep pads, Groin Guard and mouth Guard, but I only completed my third lesson today and to be fair we have not used any gloves yet in training, its all been grappling so far, we did single leg take downs the first week, we looked at the kimura the last week and worked on take downs again today, So I just goign to buy a item each week until I have the complete set.

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