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Originally Posted by rygu View Post
"Later it gets even more disturbing when he describes mutilating a live baby piglet by cutting off it's testicles, and throwing them at a friend. For good measure he slits it's stomach open as it screams wildly to "freak his friend out." After he and Mark brutally torture and kill a dozen or so baby pigs, solely for entertainment, they starts throwing their testicles and body parts at each other. Matt even now still seems amused because his friend looked like he was going to vomit."

Torturing, mutilating, and killing baby animals for entertainment?

As an animal-lover not only is Hughes the only fighter I actually hate now, I genuinely hope he gets hit by a truck.

Not the way the book describes it.

Jesus... I can understand if you don't like the man. I cannot even fathom the lack of intelligence for anyone who read that obviously biased synopsis and believes it word for word.

Apparently a lot of people on here do though. FYI I have a bridge in Europe I'd like to sell you right after you've won the Canadian Lotto. Just make sure you send your sales tax of $2000.00 in first. The check is good! I swear!

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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