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You pose some fantastic questions here. A plate full of food for thought...

Originally Posted by VincePierce View Post
im reminded of the phrase any measure that becomes a standard stops being a true measure.

whatever legislation you impose becomes an incentive to fight a certain way rather than a recognition of what constitutes a win. theres a theory your fighter will feel bound up and protected by the rules and that he will be free to fight his fight. this dont hold tho as ppl have different ways of fighting. weighting styles alone so theyre balanced is hard enough. im gonna say something insane now to demonstrate human nature. if the guy who won by finishing his opponent was the only one who got paid, the game would change over night. people would leave and find different sports, but the ones who stayed would be about finishing the fight. this is the closest approximation to real life where only one guy really wins a fight. the guy who can finish.

however, we need those all star athletes and the image of sport.

in boxing theres a good argument that demonstrating you are the better boxer is enough. in fighting, does demonstrating you are the better fighter really have the same merit? fighting aint a one dimentional skill like boxing is. in boxing there is the grey area. the punchers chance. in fighting you could increase this multi fold. its hard to say who will win a fight. saying who was winning is what the judges are paid to tell us. again tho ... they arent. machida was beating rampage. over the course of 3 rounds he gradually took control. thats the narrative. however fighting sports eschews that. theres no way you can have a last round = winner, even though its the closest approximation. what would happen? would ppl wait and wait?
would it be unfair to the guy who dominated the first two.
would you get last round specialists? would ppl purposefully hold back?
imagine a system where a fighter got 10 minutes for round 1. non scored. and then 5 minutes for round 2. what would they do?

the point im trying to make is that the system isnt a scoring syatem at all, its an incentive system by proxy.

if you want to make it real, then take away rewards for that which doesnt finish fights. scoring a guy on his fighting ability when he doesnt finish fights is ridiculous. lnp isnt fighting, its restraint, its self defence. gradually mma is evolving into the worlds best restrainers. its the antithesis of what it was meant to be about in the first place.

i dont have the answers on this one. im just trying to spark the mind that does.
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