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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Guys look after women? That comment in itself is degrading. We don't live in a primitive hunter-gatherer society where women pick berries and pop out babies, we live in a progressive, much less gender stratified society where women no longer submit to men and hold equal status. I'm not a 'feminist' but I'm pretty damn independent and I sure don't need a guy to "look after me". I love my husband to death, and I know he loves me just as mch as I do. However, I don't expect or want him to "look after me" all the time, and I don't do the same to him either. Part of being an individual is being independent, if a woman can't be independent and look after herself...Well then she's basically a notch below a human being.

The ideas of chivalry, gender stratification, and the "manhood" puzzle are not longer relevant.

I don't condone anybody hitting anyone (unless as I said it's a sanctioned fight or self defense), but if a girl acts like a guy, she should deserve, and be ready to be treated like one.
You are in the minority Ari, you right to a degree but overall the reality is men are a physically stronger sex then women, so its unfair to hit them, whether they are of equal intelligence or not.

And you are certainly incorrect about chivalry being no longer relevant. You take a survey of 1000 women and ask them is being chivalrous a quality they like in a man, and I severely doubt you will find 1% saying its not.

Treating a women like a gentlemen gets a man very far on the first date. Then after that when you need to bring out the treat em mean and keep em keen you can dispense with the chivalry
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