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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Keep up the great work SF!

Don't get fat and lazy like this guy...

Thanks man! I'm trying and keep motivated!

Suppose I should log too, its been a week!

Lets start off with the positives shall we?

Lifted twice this past week. Would have prefered 3-4 days of lifting a week, with the rest reserved wholey for technique/wind/etc. But I can't complain about getting this good lifting in, its more than I'd be doing if I had to be lonesome lazy f*ck. The first workout was my training parter, now dubbed "liftig partner," has worked out for himself. Again, everything, or at least almost everything, he does is helpful for me in one way or another.

I'd like to describe the first one in detail, but sadly, I have seemingly no memory retention when it comes to lifting. I remember bench press (which I maxed 20lbs higher than it was several months ago), kickbacks, dips, but I remember being really exhausted and a bunch of physical motions I can't easily articulate...verdict: epic fail on my memory's part.

However, today, I worked with my lifting partner again. Again it was pull day. However this time was slightly different than last time:

The deadlifts were just, to max. Not, to max, followed by 2 sets at managable weight.

Hammergrip deadlifts were gone. Instead were dumbell deadlifts with 110lbs + the presense of resistance bands providing an addition amount of weight I'm unsure of... 3/6 (3 per arm)

The bent over rows were replaced with SA rows 5/5

Additionally, stiff legged deadlifts were also added to the show. I am always in agreement with these. They weight was far lower than I would have hoped, since my lifting partner was doing good mornings with the same bar, and anything putting the weight in the squat position reallllly freaks me out (every fiber of my being was fighting the good mornings while I was attempting to force myself to do them) so instead of dragging things out for the weight change, going from around 70lbs to 135lbs minimun, I just went with it and found myself blasting through them in boredom more than physicality.

Now the badness. These make me sad panda.

Afterwards, I tried to get some padwork in. I'm annoyed that I haven't been able to do padwork for some time, about 2-3 weeks, and I have been so antsy and rusty and just overall wimpy feeling. I perhaps shouldn't have done padwork immediately after the aforementioned workout. Since I was kinda tired and couldn't keep my wind (gotta work on that again). Suffice to say, I ragequit pretty early into the pads.

I only manged a couple predetermined combos, originally to warm up before being a p*ssy:

1. 1-level change-3(to the body)-2-1
2. 1-2-level change-3
3. 2-3-(whatever number a rear uppercut is!)
4. 1-2-rear leg kick

Dietiary self-verbal abuse section. Eating like a food whore for days. Thanks to some stupid bastard 2 centuries ago who decided to f-ing share, I have to (yes have to!) eat turkey and potatoes, and various other noms! Since there were left overs, they have been feasted on for a couple days. I finished them off yesterday during the Browns game (most pitiful performance in weeks).

Psyche. I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I've been lazy for some time, but I've been getting that tickling feeling in my brain again. I have been looking into getting a Thai bag to replace the damaged heavy bag from Ever-crappy-last I'm currently using. I need to design some rube goldberg machination of evil to suspend it from, since my ceiling to floor is just about 7-8 feet, I'm hoping that if I wrap the chain and hook it at the top, it should work just fine, with a few inches between the bottom of the bag and the floor. I hope!

Also: my buddy's girlfriend is hawt. And she likes to spoon.

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