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Originally Posted by strikersrevenge View Post
Can you tell me specifically what makes 2010 a horrible game? I played a demo of it and it seemed like my guy would tap as soon as a submission was applied. I guess I could rent them both from blockbuster.
Extremely unbalanced gameplay. Broken submission system. Broken clinch system. Broken takedown system.

Really, reaaaally bad game.

09 shits all over it.

09 at least had every aspect of the game represented equally well. If you were a sub guy, you could take guys down and sub them. Same for ground and pound and wrestling.'

If you were a striker, you could KO guys and beat them silly and laugh as they hopelessly shoot for takedowns or fail counter grapples every second.
If you wanted to work in the clinch, you could lock on a single collar tie and beat guys up, or a muy thai clinch and really bring the pain.

And everything had an appropriate counter.

In 2010, you basically pick the strongest guy in the division, lock on an unstoppable body clinch, press forward until he goes into the fence and slam him. Rinse, repeat, win. Worst game ever.

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