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Mon: AM was some live drills where I got caught repeatedly in ankle locks and one calf crusher that hurt like hell. Then we learned a cool ass kimura sweep fake that goes into a guillotine. I can't remember all the goofy names for things that 10th Planet has (zombie, mission control, New York etc). PM was kickboxing (jump rope, medicine ball etc. warmup) and pad work.
Tue: PM grappling, was all technique. I got d'Arce/brabo, anaconda to gator roll, and Peruvian necktie. I don't think I'll remember anything but anaconda very well. The only cardio was jump rope which I did on my own, and then everybody who filtered in copied me because I'm so awesome, or ridiculous, or both.
Wed: All standup.
thur: Judo was finally a ton of randori. My teacher was all psyched because of some of the back and forth when it was my turn on the mat. My favorite uke is just about my height, but way stronger than me. I felt like some of my throws were butt throws, but everybody was all enthused, and one of the brown belts was telling me how much I'd improved in the last 6 weeks.
Fri, Sat, Sun: Didn't do anything but walk my dog. Hurt my left ankle, the one I broke about 4 years ago, and have been icing it every day. Kickboxing tonight.

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