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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Hughes may or may not deserve it, and clearly no one has specific examples that would warrant being called those things.

But Matt is also a celebrity and people are going to bash (or praise) him and infer what they want to from the media. So does he "deserve" it? Does any celeb? We got to see a lot of him on TUF and personally I am making the assumption that if that is how he acts when he knows he is on camera there is a good chance he may be worse off camera.

In similar assumptive fashion I also think that since Hughes has no intention of hurting his own image he wrote the book with any shady events in the best possible light.

If people are allowing this synopsis to form or change their opinion on Hughes then i'm right along with you in arguing the fallacy. But I have always had a strong dislike to Hughes, founded or not.
i really dont think the lack of replies denotes the lack of potential replies. the allegations made in this thread are sourced in his own autobiography. if you want to refute them then you need to read the thread and refute the specific allegations one by one, not lean on others to remake them.

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