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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Got any brothers?
dont twist it. and i do. the point is the book is full of stuff like this. thats the first chapter. you cant take the polemic synopsis at the start of this thread and use that as evidence to discount the veracity of the accusation. matt hughes is getting slated by far more people than the guy who dropped this thread. every ****in review site ive looked at is ripping the book and the author. the worst part is these independent reviews are populated largely with hughes/ufc fans. who the **** else would give a shite.

but its all good. if someone makes an argument based on reading the thing, you make them the odd one out.

if someone cites the 100s of other reviews you say ppl should read it themselves.

if someone cites him throwing a hammer straight in his brothers face, you cite some idylic waltons mountain type horseplay horse shit. yes you are right. its perfectly normal to beat the shit out of your siblings growing up. picking up a hammer and throwing it straight at their face however is not normal. quoting that incident years later with pride is not normal. and if you are seriously suggesting it is, then i fear neither are you.

we all have opinions tho and you are welcome to yours.

good luck with that way of seeing it.

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