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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
The topic of this thread is "Matt Hughes is not a nice man".

I say he is. I have personal experience to base my opinion on. You have a poorly written book which you may or may not read. And a lot of "well he said it..."
well to be fair he can be nice to some and a douche to others, just like every1 else

but what does make some1 a nice person? IMO i think even though some1 is having the worst day possible and is under a lot of stress they still treat you me thats a nice person

there are stories of hughes simply losing it for some reason when some fans interact with him...bad day or not it doesnt seem like a nice thing to do

im sure he has done many nice things in his life and many crappy things, but it just seems like the guy tries to be nice instead of actually being nice

but i agree that we simply cant just define him as a evil person based on 1 or 2 actions or his book (unless you have read it i guess)

though i think you really cant define him as a nice man also, he was nice to you, that doesnt make him nice, you are also judging him based on limited experiences.

is he nice or isnt he? who the hell knows...lets ask his son or wife..
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