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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
The topic of this thread is "Matt Hughes is not a nice man".

I say he is. I have personal experience to base my opinion on. You have a poorly written book which you may or may not read. And a lot of "well he said it..."
ok so we have your ''E-testimony'' of one meeting
(unreliable, anonymous, probably biased , and in terms of actual worth irrelevant)


an expansive citable verifiable document, written by the guy himself on himself and his life story
(primary source, after the event, reliable evidence, biased towards the source it condemns)

historically speaking id say your meeting has little or no significance compared to an autobiography.

playing semantics over the word nice is one thing.

arguing with the legitimacy of the source or the existence of passages that strongly and unwittingly indict its own orator is bordering on bigoted ignorance to the facts of the argument.

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