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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Meh, goodie-two-shoes are overrated.

Apart from the fact that the book was probably not written by Hughes, but rather by a ghost-writer (I'll accept that the writer was basing his testimony on Hughes' own view and that Hughes doesn't disagree with anything in the book, which seems fair to me).

If you think that reading a text of a person discussing their own life story is enough to come to a full indictment of that person as an enormous douche, then that's your prerogative, but to form a qualitative judgment about a person on the basis of a book seems more than a little juvenile.

Plenty of people come off as indicting themselves in discussing their own lives. Plenty of people are proud of things they probably shouldn't be. Plenty of people (especially those in positions to write autobiographies) are narcissistic. All of those things may be (and probably are) true of Matt Hughes.

But to insist that your lopsided, account of his character is based on "fact," as if there aren't facts to the contrary is pure nonsense.

Of course there are instances of Hughes being a dick (just like there are instances of you being a dick). Of course there are instances of Hughes being a nice guy (just like there are instances of you being a nice guy). The fact that, in your encounter with Hughes (in the text of the book), he comes across as a pompous blowhard does not speak to his general character, it speaks to your experience of the book. To pretend like its more than that is its own subtle and ridiculous form of narcissism.
nah, im 100% scum. dont worry about that.

he wrote a book all about his life. the book tells his story in his words. i read it and hes a ****. you can put your claws away son. the snipey comments dont help your case. youre reaching like a trooper. but no. im sorry. hes a ****in mess as a human being.

i have said my piece on this thread. and its down to other ppl to form their opinions tho. that is true.

1 lots of ppl agree with me. ive cited amazon and google books...full of shocked hughes / ufc fans who read the thing.

2 the book is cast iron ****in evidence of who he is on the inside. thats why autobiographies exist in the first place.

3 i dont know him and ultimately i try not to judge ppl i dont know. but if my neighbour had written that book... i wouldnt want to know him either.

lastly as ive previously stated. this is not me v matt hughes. but a lot of ppl were giving the OP shit and frankly whilst he might not be the most neutral person, he does have a point.

what you think sir, is completely up to you.

flame/scratch away...thats pretty much all i got to say on this subject.

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