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Originally Posted by VincePierce View Post
nah, im 100% scum. dont worry about that.
Fair enough.

he wrote a book all about his life. the book tells his story in his words. i read it and hes a ****. you can put your claws away son. the snipey comments dont help your case. youre reaching like a trooper. but no. im sorry. hes a ****in mess as a human being.
This is not an argument, nor is it a response to anything I've said.

You're welcome to bang your hand on the table (though, as a moderator, I'd appreciate you cut back, or at least self-censor, the swearing).

i have said my piece on this thread. and its down to other ppl to form their opinions tho. that is true.
And they will. They always do.

1 lots of ppl agree with me. ive cited amazon and google books...full of shocked hughes / ufc fans who read the thing.
I wrote one of those reviews. Usually, though, I don't take anything on either of those two sites too seriously.

2 the book is cast iron ****in evidence of who he is on the inside. thats why autobiographies exist in the first place.
The book is evidence of who he is on the inside? Seriously? That's your argument?

You think the totality of his person is expressed in 300ish pages?

I seriously hope you're joking.

3 i dont know him and ultimately i try not to judge ppl i dont know. but if my neighbour had written that book... i wouldnt want to know him either.
"I don't want to know him," would have been entirely fair. It's the judgment of the character and then admitting that you don't know him very well that makes this whole attempt at an argument (sloppy as a bulldog eating mayonaise) that makes this so bizarre.

lastly as ive previously stated. this is not me v matt hughes. but a lot of ppl were giving the OP shit and frankly whilst he might not be the most neutral person, he does have a point.

what you think sir, is completely up to you.

flame/scratch away...thats pretty much all i got to say on this subject.
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