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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
So if the government fails and turns on its people, the people should have no means to protect themselves giving an unbalance of power like we have here in the UK

I just wish the red necks out there with guns would take them and start an up rising hell give them more guns.
lol, the government can crush the poplulace any time it ****in likes. this is narnia thinking. the reason it dont is cos it needs the populace. not because it doesnt have the means to destroy it.

Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
Not necessarily. The military itself is made up of citizens. Plenty of them would desert as they aren't really interested in shooting their friends and family. They would take their skills with them. There are plenty of mountains and desert and other inhospitable terrain with hiding spots where rebels could hole up for long periods of time. Small arms would be handy for random minor engagements with patrols, hunting for food and defending against wildlife. Obviously they're not going to take on tanks and jets with them but they're essential to guerrilla warfare and very helpful in wilderness survival.

Really it would just be a matter of surviving until the lack of supply and support from civilians kicked the military's feet right out from under them.
this is more like it.

and that really is the bigger question.

a more interesting question concerns a re run of the civil war. and how that would impact on the populace.

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