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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
You make it sound easy. As I said, the taliban and groups like them are extremely highly trained and have been fighting and surviving through war for most of there lives. They are also much more well outfitted then people understand. Guerilla warfare isnt quite as simple as you are implying. Surviving in the wilderness is anything but simple or easy. The "people" would not stand any kind of a chance of fighting off the American military if it were somehow turned against us. Non military Americans have no idea what war is and are extremely soft, comparitively speaking. Less then five percent of Americans serve in the military and even less see real combat.
the thing people are really overlooking here are the rules of engagement. the people usually beat the state in the end, because they have internal and external support. and because the price of victory becomes too high for the state.

america could wipe every afghan dweling man woman and child off the face of the earth. what they cant do is pull that trigger without mobilising every muslim (1 000 000 000) and comparable world power (26 000 nuclear weapons) on the planet.

and thats not a war you can win.

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