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I am assuming you mean for sport, lots of options open in street fighting you can't do in the ring, ie throat punch, kick to the junk, hammerfist to the back of the neck and so forth.

Even in sport its hard to say which is best because it depends on circumstance. MT is effective there is no doubt, but plain boxing has its advantages. Wing Chun is a style of kung fu, by the way. Kung fu just means personal achievement, but we in the states use it to refer to all the chinese arts which go from joint locking and displacement to the animal styles.

If this was specifically for mma, i would say it just depends on the person, most people who go into mma train MT and boxing for striking, so that is what we are mostly seeing. People like myself never felt right doing MT so i don't train it, i know i am the minority but it doesn't bother me. By the by a MT guy who had been trainning for 2 years came by my school on monday and got his ass handed to him by one of the intermediate students.

I choose other if you cant tell

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