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Things have been going well, I have been working on my core and power circuit all week and am loving every pain-filled moment.

My punch-drills are coming along nicely, I am able to keep an increasing number of strikes crisper both in their power and technique.

I was foolish earlier today though... I thought that my right leg was doing well, but I guess not. I was working on my right thai round-house kick and was able to strike to around 5 foot a few times but trying to push higher gave me some issues.

When I worked on this strike with the bag this summer I never ran into the issue I've got now. Which is lying inside of the thigh.

"Basically there is a tight-spot in the center of the inside leg that starts a few inches in from the groin that runs a few inches to the knee.

Has anyone ran into this before?"

Other than that things are good.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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