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Welcome to MMAF's "Debate Club" - Read for info

Welcome to MMAF's official "Debate Club".

This is where all official Debates take place.

Types of debate:

Normal Debate:

A normal debate consists of making a new thread that states a subject that you wish to debate with other members on the forum. This is a no rule debate, where all can join in and may debate on whichever side they wish.


Challenge Debates:

There are two types, 1 vs. 1, and 1 vs. all.

1 vs.s All:

This debate is between the thread starter and whomever wishes to join in and oppose him. This type of debate has a rule, where the thread starter has his side of the debate, and whomever joins must have an opposing view to his. It is a 1 vs. all debate. The thread starter "challenges" everyone to try and dissect his view.

How it works:

First, make the thread title look like this - Challenge - Marijuana should be legal. The thread starter then puts out his detailed view, with links/quotes to help support his/her claim if there are any. From there, you may only post in the thread if you are against the OP's opinion, as it is an OP vs. All debate.

1 vs. 1:

There are two stickied registration threads. One for Religion, one for Politics. When you register your name to one of those threads, you are submitting that you know enough about that subject to be challenged to a 1 vs 1 debate. You agree that if someone challenges you, you try your very hardest to find the time to accept the challenge. If you are challenged a few times and decline each, then your name will be removed from the roster. Reigstration threads are geared for those who are interested in 1 vs. 1 debates and feel that they want to test themselves in a more competitive mode.

How it works:

To challenge someone, pick a poster from the registration list of whichever subject you want to debate (Religion/Politics), then make a new thread titled: Challenge - (name of poster) - (subject to debate on).

Have fun guys, enjoy.
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