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***MMAF All Access Interview*** --Week 9-- BobbyCooper


What’s up MMAF? I am here with another week of, MMAF All Access. This week, we have an outstanding member here with us. He is one of the nicest members on the board, and he is a huge Machida fan!
-Week 9-
(BobbyCooper interviewed by HitOrGetHit)


What made you become a fan of MMA?

It all started when I was in Australia and was watching the Ultimate Fighter season from Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock. I think it was aired one year after. I watched the season in 2007. Didn't start watching MMA regularly before I came back to Germany in 08.

Well Bobby, we all know you Love and admire Lyoto Machida as a human being and a Martial Artist, but tell us more about that insatiable Love for the Dragon and also name other Fighters you root for?

Well Hit, I don't think people are interested in another Love letter from myself torwards Lyoto. So I won't bother you guys. I don't even think I could describe my Love for Lyoto in simple words only..

However, I am a huge supporter of Asian MMA fighters and you won't see me rooting against one in the UFC and outside. I Love the way they behave themself and how respectful and kind they always are.

It probably has to do with my Love for the Asian community in general. I've met them when I went to OZ and since then I am fond with there incredible personalitiy's

Is there any fighter that you dislike?

Every douchebag who doesn't represent the Sport the way I would liked them too and the way it should be. It should stand out from other combat sports due to his brutality.

Which popular fighters do you think falls under this category?

Oh, several Hit You know them^^

What about outside of MMA? (Boxer, K-1, etc.)

I always was a fan of Remy Bonjasky. Him, Masato and Buakaw Por. Pramuk are my all time favourites.

I never was a Boxing Fan and never will be

Which style of Martial Arts do you like to see the most?


Lyoto's Art of fighting is something so beautiful too me, impossible to put in single words. The easy philosophy behind it, of trying to Hit somebody and not getting Hit by doing so!!! So easy but also so hard (impossible) to master.

But also of course Katsunori Kikuno's Kyokushin Karate, wich is so totally different to Lyoto's is absolutely wonderful to watch.

Chinzo Machida as well (don't forget his fight this December).

Oh we won't forget! So BC, do you think Lyoto will hold the belt again?

I am 100% sure my friend!!! No worries at all in his spirit and talent. We will see Shogun vs. Machida III too someday.

Who do you think is the best wrestler in MMA?

GSP and Sonnen! Both have amazing top control and Takedowns.

Who do you think would win a fight between GSP and Sonnen if they met at a catchweight in between welterweight and middleweight?

I think GSP would take it, because he could make Sonnen fight his fight, wich would be on the feet. And I see GSP having the advantage there

What about BJJ practioner in MMA?

Shinya Aoki takes this there is no other grappler who so relentless on his attacks!

Maia is the undisputed #2

I Love them both!

What about the best striker in MMA?

Anderson Silva! It just looks to easy when he does it. Way too easy..

I really really hope he get's 7 more title defenses!!!

Do you think Anderson will defend his belt against Vitor?

Yes I do! I still think he is the best striker out there and he will show it too us in his next fight.

What was the first MMA fight that you saw? If you can remember.

Ohh, I can't remember that one.. but Tito Ortiz introduced me to the sport^^ He was also one of the first I wanted to watch fight.

How about a favorite Kun Fu Movie?

The lost footage of Bruce Lee's Game of Death and Enter the Dragon of course ;D

If you could have one dream fight to see in MMA, who would be in it? Where would it be? What ref would be in the cage?

I don't have one.. but many

Chinzo Machida vs. Katsunori Kikuno!

Lyoto vs. Fedor

GSP vs. Silva

Silva vs. Shogun

all with

Mario Yamasaki!!!

How do you see a fight between Fedor and Lyoto going down? Do you think Lyoto would win?

Impossible for me too call Hit. I really think it could go either way. Thats why I would Love too see it^^

What is your favorite woman’s MMA fight?

I am not really a fan of woman MMA.. can't think of one right now.

Speaking of women, if you had to choose between Gina Carano and Arianny Celeste, who would it be?

I think Arianny's character isn't the best for me.. so I would choose Gina.

What is your favorite MMA organization?


But I Love DREAM!

Do you like the idea of the WEC merging with the UFC?

I have mixed feelings about this, still Hit I think it's a good thing.. but I also believe that there is a small gap of skill between them.

How about your favorite weight class to watch?

I Like them all equally with the exception of HW.

Why don't you enjoy the heavyweights?

Because of the lack of high level fighters.

What is more impressive, a first round (T)KO, a first round submission, or a 5 round dominating decision?

A dominating 5 Round decision win stands out the most.

Ok BobbyCooper, what is your name?


How did you stumble across this wonderful place that if MMAForum?

I think I was just searching for all kinds of Forums about MMA and this is the one I started visiting the most by far^^

but I signed up too late..

What do you mean about signing up too late?

I was lurking around on this beautiful site for half a year, before I actually signed up.

Ah, I see what you are saying. I wish I had known about this place earlier as well, but I am just enjoying it as it comes!

What is your favorite part about this forum?

You guys!

What do you do for a living?

I have one more year too go before I finally reached my A Level I know I am kinda late, but I needed to escape and look for happiness.

For money, I am working in the Cinema right now, wich is by far the best job I have ever had.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Being so easy and having contact with all kinds of people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I wish I could tell you that.. but I just can't plan ahead that far lol^^

One year from now, I will hopefully be living my dream as an English Teacher, teaching little Japanese in Japan without being a native, without teaching experience and without a degree

After that however, I have no clue^^ probably going to university trying to study something so that I can go back to Japan/Korea as soon as possible I can imagine ;D

If you had just 24 hours to live, how would you occupy your time?

I don't think you can do much in 24 hours wich would be more valuable then spending your time with the ones you Love the most.

But I would do sky diving shortly before my time runs up.

If you could have one car no matter what the cost, what would it be?

Probably would be the most expensive car in the world, so that I could sell it immediately and have a nice life without to worry about money ever again

Not a bad plan.

Well that is all the time we have this week MMAF. Please thank BobbyCooper for taking the time to do this with us. Keep an eye on your inboxes for MMAF All Access as YOU could be next!

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