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No Gi Advanced
Technique was a tricky move I hadn't seen before, Bruno showed how to hit it from butterfly guard, getting mounted, and attacking the de la riva guard. Not going to go through them because quite frankly they're not really going to translate into words. Lots of rounds with all blue belts, won my rounds but tapped to an ankle lock or two.

No Gi Beginners
Helped teach and tried the moves out a bit myself, an attack to break turtle, a butterfly guard sweep, and something else that I forget. Rolled a bit.

Muay Thai
We had the class split in half with one half holding pads/sheilds/mitts with the other half drilling non stop 1:30 each with 7 stations. Man that was tough. Then just clinch sparring.

Good day. Less than 6 weeks to the fight, less than 2 weeks left at work.
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