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Missed class again on friday, this week has had some quality sessions but two lackluster days of missing class. I blame my job, stress, sleeping problems, and a girlfriend. Going to book an appointment to get back on sleep meds when I go to get my medical paperwork hopefully next week. My job finishes on Dec 14th, so that should help put things in balance until the fight is over. I got in today after work to do some conditioning. Tried a few new things today to help put together a good full body routine.

Tire Flips 1,1,1 @ gym length and back (18 flips per set)
Rope Climb 1
Pushup Burpee to Chin up 10,10
Sprawl Deadlift 8,8,8@45lbs
DB Clean + Squat 8,8,8@50lbs

Ab Circuit
Decline Twisting Crunch 20,20@45lbs
Reverse Crunch 15,15@15lbs
Cable Crunch 20,20@160lbs
Plank 1:30, 1:30

Neck Circuit
Forward Bridge 1:00
Handstand Bridge 1:00
Backward Bridge 1:00

204lbs 11.1% bf
198lbs 10.7% bf
198lbs 9.9% bf
201lbs and 10.5% bf

Weight is slightly up.

Today was a promotion ceremony for our BJJ. I've heard rumors that Bibiano's is leaving us in January, which is a brutal blow to our team. Two of our brown belts got promoted to Black, as well as a few other belts were administered. I couldn't go because I have a job...but here's a pic of the team anyways.

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