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I've been wondering the same thing. If I remember right it was Spencer Paige getting punched in the jaw. I looked forward to seeing that too, but of course they never showed it. Pretty lame.

Just found this interview with Nam Phan:
" It was Sunday. We usually don’t train on Sunday. The coaches didn’t really know. As for my teammates, something pretty big went down on Saturday night. They didn’t show it on TV, but Jeff Lentz and Spencer Paige got into it. How it started was, Spencer got really drunk and started calling out guys on the Yellow team, saying he’d knock everyone out. Eventually, Lentz said he couldn’t knock him out. So they both took turns punching each other and Spencer Paige ends up breaking Lentz’s jaw. He had to get his mouth wired shut. Anyway, the bottom line is with all of the commotion, no one went to bed until 6 am. I had to train at 8 am the next morning. "

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