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Not really too much going down in the past week outside the ordinary.

I have been working and doing christmas shopping, and all that stupid jazz. That being said, thanks to Amazon, its all done and I have a Thai bag on the way. I was looking into getting the Title model, since I knew it was a quality product (my lifting partner has one). However I wanted the black one, since he had the red one, and I'm unique mutha ****as! But, the black one was out of stock, so I got the red one. Oh well, uniqueness (spelling fail?) is dead.

Moving on to training. I hate squats with a passion, always have. Ever since I was a fat high school kid trying to get in shape and tried them. I epic failed, lets leave it at that. And when I went online for direction, I found a video of a guy blowing his knees apart with squats, and I already had knee issues (being a raging fat f*ck and all!). Since then I'd never done squats, like 6 years. So finally I ballsed up and started doing squats again. I have to say, I was a pansy, there's nothing dangerous about a squat, unless of course you're lifting like 600lbs, then you're an idiot.

I did a basic leg workout, not anything special:
3/5 Squats
3/3 Powercleans
3/10 Lunges
3/15 Squat Thrusts
3/10 Medicine Ball Jumps

Other than that I've been working stand up technique every day or two, trying to get my head on straight, and get fully motivated again.

I did a 3/5 on the heavy bag. I was just trying to test the waters and see how much my laziness had effected my cardio. It was pretty bad. By the end of round 2 I was breathing like a tranqualized grizzly bear. But I got pissed at myself for that and exploded against the bag beginnning the third round, for about 90 seconds. Then proceeeded to become an exhausted mechanical boredom machine for the next three and a half minutes. Matter of fact, I shot forward with a knee followed by and elbow, grapped the bag like I was going for a clinch, and yup, just kind of hung out there for a few seconds like an italian leaning tower of fail.

I need to get back into doing 5/5 on the bag regularly. This was helping my cardio big time. And as I get used to that, I'd like to turn it up to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10/5 over the next couple months.

I have been thinking more and more about the MMA gym in town that looks legit. From what I can see at the beginning of '11 there's a sweet deal for new members. 12.95 a month. I'm hoping this is all inclusive, however I doubt that, and expect the all inclusive to be more like 40. But I'm pessimistic about howmuch I have to spend on things, so it may be less (hopefully)!

Diet. I've been looking into eating multiple small meals to try and keep my metabolism up. And I'm eating the proper number of meals. The family has been commenting on my being on "three hour feedings." I'll have to evaluate my weight and body mass in the next month or two to see how effectively I'm applying this dietary shift and look at where I need to make more cuts, probably caloric and the non-processedness (spelling 2?) of what I'm eating.

Psyche. I've been watching a lot of local fighters. And I've been watching videos of myself working out and sparring. And I've been addressing flaws in my technique. I see myself keeping my hands up, moving in and out at angles, throwing with decently good technique, and I'm beginning to wonder. Am I actually good at this stuff? Its a rare thing for me to be good at something, I have been notorious for my King of Fail stats from high school on into the early growwed up years. It's kind of a crazy thought to think I'm good at something, but I think maybe, I might be getting good at this stuff...

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