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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
What is this show about anyways?

I have heard good things about it.
x-men meets league of extraordinary gentlemen

basically there is a network of buildings around the world to monitor/help abnormals/mutants some they give santuary to others are to dangerous to be kept alive

main sanctuary (the one the show revolves around ) is run by the Sanctuary Founder Helen Magnus who was one of the 5 (the 5 is a group of people that incerted vampire source blood into their system which intern gave them abilities)

The show brings together some great historical and literary figures

honestly the first 3 to 4 shows of the first season were some of the worst shows i have ever seen on tv but after that they get their stride and the show starts taking off

if you can get to the last two shows of the first season and watch them you will be hooked, the last two episodes had me grinning ear to ear going this is so cool

99% of the show is done on green screen but honestly after the first few episodes (where they were still working out the kinks) yuou cant tell that much if at all.

cant go into too much more for it would ruin the show but there is allot more to this show

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