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Technique was a sweep from deep half guard when they try to pass the de la riva. Glover sweep I think it's called? Anyways, I didn't get much time to work on it because I got called over because the gym owner was showing this beast of a man around and needed some training partners for him. He was about my height and 270lbs of muscle. So that was fun. Me and Bill and Rob took turns doing rounds with him. I'd try to break his guard and come around and he'd launch me with a leg. In my guard I was pretty much useless too. It's definitely interesting to roll someone so much bigger though, hopefully I get more opportunities to, it sounded like Rob will be giving him privates and might use me to do them. I'll have to get a picture =)

In normal rolling I got a couple rounds in with bill. I did well with a hip bump sweep and kept mound for a round. Next round in my guard didn't go as well and I wasn't able to do much. Afterwards Bill was telling me the most underrated thing in amateur MMA right now is elbows to the body. When they're controlling your wrists, grab one with your hand and the same arm comes over with the elbow. He said it takes awhile to get the power into it, but your throwing your whole shoulder into it and aiming for ribs. I remember in Brazil having a guy do this to me and it was hell. So I'm going to practice that on a bag now.

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Warm up drills, sweep was pendulum sweep. A couple differences I noticed when Bruno does it. First, he likes to cup the arm at the elbow and trap the hand at the hip, while I do an overhook. Second he brings his far leg all the way around, as if he were going for an armbar, swinging it for extra momentum. I'll give this fine tuning a try. Had another good roll or two. I wasn't being rough but I just murdered a newer guy of decent size.

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