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Things have improved drastically, over the last five days.

I owe a great deal of thanks to Squirrel Fighter, that lovable bastard knows what he talks about when it comes to stretching. I cannot say that I can pull a chinese split off yet but I am working my way up to that potential.

I modified the stretch to be able to do the same end result. For example my right leg was needing I try to scoot it out as far as it will go currently.

In essence this isn't modifying, but just my flexibility hindering me from going least with this stretch.

I have been making strides with the butterfly stretch, got mom conned into helping me. She got a ruler out, and I am 4 inches away from having my knees touch the floor!

In other news, I have been able to get into a rhythm that is punching out workouts that are at least twice as brutal than I was going into October "pre-injury".

I have been working on the cardio/explosive power circuit with the calestinic sit-ups. I am able to go through the cycle 6 consecutive times in a row now. I have moved from 12-cycles per day to 24. Which translates to 1,440 calisthenic sit-ups, 45 degree crunches and side bends and 120 75-pound dual arm-curls, overhead press and squats.

I am looking forward to bumping it up to cycles of 12 for 4 a day. Hopefully with that and my punch technique/endurance training my cardio will sky-rocket during the winter.

My goals for the new year are simple:
1 work on boosting my cardio.
2 work on overall explosive power.
3 buy another straight-bar and 2-3 hundred pounds of plates
4 when I move north buy a 6-foot thai bag and another straight bar.

My plan of attack is to maintain the punch-drills.
Work on utilizing 3-straight bars with 75-100-125 pounds and use those three in the cardio/explosive circuit drills, going from light to heavy in a set of three and doing that for 4 cycles.

I have several people who are wanting to help me with advice in my training locally:

I have a friend who is willing to work with me one on one to hone my striking skills.

The other works at a community college as an assistant coach for a soccer-team who supervises the weight-program for the team. He is giving me various ideas on how to tweak my regimen.

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