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Sirius Tried to Extort Me, But Failed.

I bought a 2 yr. subscription to Sirius. I had read on the intrawebz how Sirius refused to let subscribers cancel; it would charge full package subscriptions to your card w/out consent.

As the 2 yr. subscription came near the end, I canceled the card I used to set up my Sirius account.

After the two years, Sirius called me to "verify" my billing information. I responded that I would only update the information if we came to a new deal.

The customer representative then informed me that I had a $300.00+ balance due. I asked from what, and the rep stated she couldn't look into why it was there, but that she could change it if I ordered a new subscription package.

The words "bullshit extortion" were used, and I was transferred to another representative immediately. This one offered me three free months for the inconvenience, and to "think over the offer."

To which I asked "So I can have an outstanding balance of $500.00? No. Cancel my subscription. Now."

The second customer rep then hemmed and hawed about how she couldn't cancel my account, and that I would have to call back. I demanded a transfer. The third woman went through the above, and once again stated that my outstanding balance would be removed if I re-subscribed w/ Sirius.

I once again used the term "extortion," which led to profuse apologies on her end. The balance was cleared, and by the time I hung up the phone, the Sirius in my car no longer worked.

Just another warning story about this company. I'll be filing a complaint w/ the better business bureau and my state's Attorney General by week's end.
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