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I felt terrible today, very little energy. Made it to Advanced BJJ, we did stuff from X guard, a sweep, an armbar, a knee bar and a back take. Rolled a few blue belt, he felt strong and good but I managed to take his back and finish with a bow and arrow and take his back again before the end of the round. I got called over to get locked in the cage with the 270lb super hulk and a Hell's Angels black belt, sounds like the start of a bad joke. Rolled the super hulk, started in guard, broke it, managed to pass into half, snuck passed and held mount. Almost finished with an arm triangle when his super hulk nose started to bleed. Then the black belt jumped in with me, I pulled guard, he got passed after awhile into side, I fought off a north south choke the he eventually adjusted into a head and arm choke form north south, to which I tapped. Then I rolled with one of our fighters, a purple, I pulled guard and attempted a few different things to which his base was too strong. I risked a scissor sweep and tried to adjust to a reverse scissor sweep when I couldn't kick out the leg. Too late. He passed into a side control in which I wouldn't find the way out of until the end of the round. End of class.

I feel terrible, both exhausted and weird aches, fingers, thumbs, knees, ankles, neck and one really weird one that feels like a big bruise at the bottom of my spine.
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