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u american fans don't even have respect for your american fighters...the honorable thing for the UFC and tito to have done was to give ken one round, thats it, let him go out swinging, that way he could have ended his career sayin he gave it his all.
I just can't have respect for anyone that talks smack for months on end and then gets knocked out quicker 'n' snot...American or not. Has nothing to do with what country I'm from.

Let him go out swinging? It's not the UFC's job to train fighters so they can fight for more than a minute or two. Not in Tito's job description either. Shamrock wanted the fight, had the time to train for it, and lost. He had to have known the risks going in.

I'm just angry I actually bought the pay per view. That wasn't the only fight that let me down. But I don't want the UFC fixing matches to make them better to watch either. They start doing that and they've lost me as a viewer.
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