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I've loved watching it, could I do it?

After working out with a friend today I weighed myself. I weigh 130lbs it turns out. My friend was quite amazed by this because I'm significantly stronger than him and weigh 25lbs less. He suggested I should look into fighting.
So here are some of my stats:
5'8" 130lbs
Bench: 190lbs
Shoulder press: 110lbs
Dead lift:225lbs
Squat: 250lbs
I swam through highschool and still seem to have alright stamina. No real fighting experience, but I used to box recreationally with friends, we used to pummel eachother so I know I can take a hit.
I only work out recreationally, if i were to set my mind to training for something I know I could achieve greater stats.
Is this a good foundation for building a good fighter? If so where should I start?
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