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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
Are ya feeling any better?
Today was a bit better.

Got to the doctors today to pick up my medical for the fight. Looking at it now, I don't think the proper blood work results are shown here and I'll have to make another trip back to the home town to correct this. But I did manage to get some proper sleep meds that won't give me a hang over the next day.

While out in the hometown I dropped into the gym for BJJ, worked some technique and got a couple decent rolls in. I dominated our newly promoted brown belt (albeit he's much smaller than I) and even had a full arm triangle sunk in, but I let go of it to go back into mount. I've never really been in that position before, but I didn't want to tap him out. Promotion is a funny thing in jiu jitsu, it's a nice reward for your effort but at the same time you feel the expectations raise as well. I think this is mostly in our own heads; we fear that we can't live up to our belt and therefore aren't worthy of it. This is why I let go of it, getting a new belt is a transitory time and I like the guy and really gain nothing but making his time more difficult by tapping him.

I've been secretly a little afraid that I might get a purple belt. There's only a chance, but I was in no hurry to go to Bibiano's promotion day, and will probably avoid the Chilliwack one that I got invited to. Kind of rude, but yeah, I'm of the belief that you should get your belt when it's overdue, and right now I don't feel that it's due yet.
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