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I strongly disagree with this proposition. While many will look at the likes of Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar and use there obvious size advantage over the likes of Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos as "proof" that there is a need for a split of the HW division. I take issue with this fact based on one major facet obviously being that despite a huge increase in recent years the sheer number of legitimate HW's running around that would compare to the size of Carwin or Lesnar are few and far between. This number drops substantially when you star taking weight cutting into account. Big LHW's are walking around at 235+. Thiago Alves cuts from over 200lbs to make 170 that is 30 pounds of weight cut and yet when he fought Fitch he was the smaller WW of the two. If the likes of Fitch and Alves can lose 30lbs than you have to assume that HW's like Lesnar could do the same. Taking into account the 200lbs a guy like Alves, Fitch or Anthony Johnson would walk into the cage at then your looking at them cutting about 15% of there body mass. Using this index and assuming all things are equal then a guy like Lesnar walking in currently at 265 pounds would have a easier time cutting the 11% that they would need to lose to make 235 and maintain the size advantage they currently enjoy. If we are looking at This leaves you looking at who would really be forced to fight in the 265lb division. Using the analogies of some of the bigger fighters in other divisions we have established some of the larger cuts are up to 15% body mass which means even a 276 pound fighter could in theory make your new found cruiserweight division. Using this logic your new found cruiserweight division basically becomes the current HW division with the only difference being that these larger men are now cutting weight which only leads to further hurt there cardio. Does a group of fighters where good cardio tends to be the exception and not the norm really need to further stress these guys bodies? The only losers here would be the fans. The current 265 pound division would end up filled by either the talent lacking current SHW division or by those to lazy to get into appropriate shape to make the cut.

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