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Originally Posted by evilhomer
oh shut up and take tito's **** out of ur mouth Cbingham.

Its obvious to anyone with common sense that it was the UFC giving Tito a push b/c he has the power to bring in fans based on his name...hence MONEY

**** over ken and make him look like a jerk b/c nobody is gonna care about him b/c his career in MMA is over. PRIDE the exact same thing to him when he fought Sakuraba.

u american fans don't even have respect for your american fighters...the honorable thing for the UFC and tito to have done was to give ken one round, thats it, let him go out swinging, that way he could have ended his career sayin he gave it his all.
Its funny that you would talk about common sense you jackass, you say Ken got ****ed over? Ken took the fight on his own free will moron, and yes Tito does bring alot of money to the UFC, and why do you suppose that is?? lets think, maybe its because he kicks peoples asses and people will pay to see him fight.

And that give Ken a round bullshit, that defeats the purpose of MMA, thats faking. You have to be the dumbest mother****er on this forum. You must be Canadian, you are a whiny *****. "give Ken a round for respect" **** that and **** you
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