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Breaking with tradition, and posting more often than once a week this time.

So first off, since its around Christmas time I decided who better to buy me a bangin' Christmas present than me?! So I took about $150 that were supposed to be spent on my family, and bought myself a Thai bag.

I've been low kicking it like some deranged kangaroo. So much so that my entire shin/instep on both legs were brown and purple (the less bad version of black and blue) after my first day with the thing. I. F-ing. Love it.

Ouside of just low kicking it, its been real nice to have the full range of motion to strike at the bag (since its now hanging in the middle of the room, not off to the side). AND! its so freakin heavy compared to the busted up broken Everlast bag I was trying to keep using. And there's really nothing quite as comforting as slamming home a 360 degree spinning back kick, al a Cung Le, on a 100lb Thai bag. Its so much better than on an Everlast POS.

I've tried to keep some use from the Everlast bag. Its still weighs about 50-60lbs after all the filling its lost. So I figured, why not? and have started using it just for throws and suplexes and the like. Which its decent for. I am looking forward to hopefully getting actual grappling bag around christmas or when I get my tax return next year (after I deal with the vehicle situation!).

Diet. I've kind of gotten freaked out by the fact that there's a pretty serious history of instestinal tract disorders in my mom's side of the family, though there's zero history on my dad's. So I've started looking into an organic diet to help curb the likelihood, low though it may in fact be, that I'll ever have to contend with the illnes. And I think "organic" is something I can sell to my family. Especially after showing them a picture of McNuggets before being cut into chickeny shaped bits a couple days ago!

Psyche. I love having a beard. But when I let it get too thick and long I look like some half mentally-handicapped terrorist. The ladies love the softness (even if they don't know it!) but damn! a brutha can't get no play when the ladies think that's a stick of TNT in his pants!

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