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Holy Crap

That new overhand-diamond push-up is bloody brutal....this is what my cousin at west-point calls it at least.

My triceps are aching after doing two sets of 15 yesterday, I want to continue but it is too painful to force the work both in my arms and my core.

I felt a fun sensation in my core yesterday, but just a moment ago I was starting to get a hell of a feels like it targets your entire center-core from the waist-line all the way to your pecs.

It didn't help with the last set of 15 I constricted my core as tight as possible before starting haha!

I am more than happy that I was playing around yesterday morning searching for new push-ups, this overhand diamond push-up is going to be put in full swing when I recover from this momentary shock to my body. I feel it will be a great addition for my core/explosive power circuits.

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