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Cbingham ur a jerk and you appear to know nothing about the business side of the UFC and that the UFC is now it's no longer MMA it's big business.

I bet ur gonna say that fights arn't pre-determined , do u know what the betting line for some of these fights are and how much money UFC makes off these fights under the table ?

If ur so **** hungry and love off tito so much great for u, in my personal opinion i think he's overrated and any top fighter in pride would destroy him in a matter of seconds. the only reason he's so dominate in the UFC is because they really don't have that much great talent and he's a big name.

As for ken he deserved better and it's a ashame to see how he went out. it's also sad that u are so narrow minded and unable to have a civil discussion about this without disrespecting a total stanger online.
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