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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
I cannot stress this enough, I was so underwhelmed by Overeem in this years final eight. He struggled with Spong, got lucky to face an already broken Saki and was able to finish off a forty year old that had just fought the fight of his life. No Remy, no Badr, and no Semmy in the final. I cant wait until Badr comes back to K1 next year and brings some respect back to K1. Jesus, Saki was backing Reem up until he figured out that Saki was busted up on his right side. This was the most disappointing final eight in a long time. Take my word one this, Badr will still the Reems soul when he comes back.
The first MMA fighter to have the guts to step-up and fight in K1 at the highest level.
And he wins the title and still you can't give him the credit he deserves.
1. oooohh, he struggled against Spong - yeah, lost the 1st rd then dominated, almost got the finnish
2. Saki was hurt - yes. Myabe Overeem should have broken one of his arms too so that the fight would have been more balanced.
Saki should have taken better care of himself and his body in the QF to be at his maximum against Overeem
3.Aerts is old - well, this OLD Aerts beat last year's champion one hour before losing to Overeem. He wasn't old and rusty when he did that, right?!
Or he broke down right before fighting Overeem?
4. Saki was backing Reem up - that was Saki's only chance, to push the pace at the beggining, try and hurt Alistair.
Even at 100% i don't think Saki would beat Overeem, because he wasn't able to beat Ghita, who's boxing is nowhere near Overeem's. Alistair fought a smart fight. I don't think he would have lost on that night. Maybe against an "in-shape motivated Hari".

I agree though that Hari will be Overeem's biggest challenge in K1. But Hari needs to redeem his name so i don't think he will get a shot at Overeem until next year's GP.
Bonjaski won't beat Overeem imo, nore will Schilt.



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