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Originally Posted by evilhomer
Cbingham ur a jerk and you appear to know nothing about the business side of the UFC and that the UFC is now it's no longer MMA it's big business.

I bet ur gonna say that fights arn't pre-determined , do u know what the betting line for some of these fights are and how much money UFC makes off these fights under the table ?

If ur so **** hungry and love off tito so much great for u, in my personal opinion i think he's overrated and any top fighter in pride would destroy him in a matter of seconds. the only reason he's so dominate in the UFC is because they really don't have that much great talent and he's a big name.

As for ken he deserved better and it's a ashame to see how he went out. it's also sad that u are so narrow minded and unable to have a civil discussion about this without disrespecting a total stanger online.
If you think that fights are pre-determined, then why do you watch MMA? whats the point? That is moronic.

As for your comment about any top Pride fighter would beat Tito, Tito beat Vanderlei Silva (Pride's TOP light heavyweight fighter) to win the UFC belt. And he defended his title against Yuki Kondo

And Ken did'nt deserve anything, what has he done that is so great? honestly? he won a few fights a looong time ago(when there was no real talent) and people call him a "legend" the only reason he is so highly regarded is he is a cash cow. everyone knows who he is because of his pro-wrestling career, so he is very easily marketed

How can you say that I am unable to have a civil conversation, I had said nothing to you. You were not even in the conversation, and you wrote "Oh shut up and take Tito's **** out of your mouth Cbingham" , and that I had no common sense. So what did you expect? a thank you card? You want to come on here and talk some it, but expect some in return.
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