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Sun: karate (stretches, kick and reflex drills) and MMA, which was all standup. I have a problem getting in and out of the pocket fast. My teacher is not terribly specific in his instruction with regard to basic boxing.
Mon: BJJ was old school and plan B sweeps. I'm still working lots and lots on posturing up and breaking guard without getting broken down or leaving an arm out. We did many live drills that were fun as hell but I don't have enough technique to stay in long without getting submitted. 2 mile run afterwards. Not sure if I'll go to kickboxing tonight or not.

I forgot to say that I drilled butterfly sweep and lateral throw some more. I think these might join my growing list of go-to techniques.
Tue: had to stay home and put the tree up and help the Swplets decorate cookies.
Wed: BJJ was taking the angle and different places you could go from there. Then I ran 3.5 miles at about a 9:50 mile. I never said I was fast! I'd like to be able to run 5-6 days a week again. It's worth the extra time in the AM not to have to go back for cardio in the PM.
Thur: judo. We drilled about 12 throws, tae otoshi, koshi guruma, soto makikomi, o soto gari, harae goshi, ippon seioi nage, and hanae goshi, among others. I'd have to say my favorite was soto makikomi.
Fri: 4 mile run, bag drills.
Sat: Various factors that I don't want to go into made my whole body hurt. It was all I could do to vacuum, walk the dog and do laundry. I'm done taking rest days during the week if I can possibly help it. I'm also in a shame spiral from drinking and eating way too much the past two Saturdays.

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