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tito had soem good fights and he had the last tw handed to him. I do not believe the fights are fixed but i did feel at the time that the early stoppage was a nice way to ensure that tito not mess up and lose out on a cash in at the beginning of the year with Chuck.
I am surprised that a moderator has not steeped in and seperated you too though. with all due respect to both of you guys i disagree with things you have both said but the expletives are unecessary and really only discredit the rest of the post.
But i still dont like tito and would have seen Ken go out with a bit more glory. I dont agree with the part of there being no talent though. shit a guy who can fight three times in one night has something going for him.
and there were some incredible fights in the early days too so to discredit these guys for being part of tyhe early evolution only speaks of your youth and i can respect that too. ten years from now you may still be defending tito after he gets pummeled by some new young studd. its how the fiood chain works in the fight world.

anywaaay i guess i rambled enough, myhands are up guys dont shoot on me
now what were we talking about again??
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