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Things were going great, I was in as close as I can call full-recovery from my injury in October.

I had finally worked out my kink in the left inner-thigh last night and started working on shadow-kicking.

I decided after kicking for 15-minutes that I was going to do some intense cardio as a warm-up for stretching. I did box-jumps for 15-minutes, and 6 cycles of the cardio/power conitioning.

I ended up stretching my quads per quad for 5-full 1-minute periods rotating back-and-forth till I hit the 5-minutes. From there I went onto a semi-advanced dual-quad stretch where you lay you back to the floor while you're stretching the quads.

I had touched my back to the floor, but I raised it a bounce I think and then my left knee started popping I think 3-times in total.

Now I am in fairly horrible pain, I took a epsom salt bath last night and tonight. I am not sure how long this injury is gonna side-line me...but when I come back I'll be easing into the stretching regimen with extreme-care.

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