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Originally Posted by Terror Kovenant View Post
I'm sure the mod will give me another crabby email for this but....

See that and "Why" part. I might say this post was of the lazy variety (which I'm not) but I can't state anything that might be obvious. (you know.. 1 word).

The threads interesting. Stop a fighter from fighting for his own safety? Because he's bad for the sport? or he's just a trail to watch?
For fighter safety Johnathen Goulet.. but he's already figured it out on his own.
Kongo seems to milk those nut shots a little to much. He's not excitely action packed these days, and he tends to hit 2 per fight every fight. the only time he doesn't get them is if a fighter keeps him on his back the whole time.
Dean Lister is always a pain in the butt to watch. His continued involve ment in mma doesn't really shake up the top 10... and he's not exciting in the least.
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