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Things are improving little by little, at least I can go through a 5-hour shift without having too much discomfort.

It sucked though, today I was working on a regular cash-register. I had troubles if I would face the computer in front of me and then try and rotate left which is my bad leg now haha.. I didn't have nearly as bad of a time monday when I was working on express due to the fact that the bags were to my left on the same counter as the computer..all I had to do was shuffle left haha.

I have some good news in light of all this shit. I found some old elastic braces from high-school. I wrapped myself up last night and started to stretch lightly for 90-seconds on my bad knee. I was able to work on some thai-kicks with the braces on.

I wonder due to this injury...if I will need to continually wear a soft-brace during training or even matches. We shall see though.

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