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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Well it's a thought. Another option is guessing the exact type of submission if it's a submission victory guess. What did you have in mind just out of curiosity?
Well there isn't a whole lot really, i know in CPL TKO/KO are the same thing, i guess we can make those 2 different finishes... Which i like TKO/KO being counted as the same...

And the problem with guessing the exact sub is that no one is going to guess Sub if thats the case.... To many different ways to sub someone.

What im thinking is maybe have a BONUS, BONUS point system, on "Awesome Guesses" and "Perfect Guesses"

For example if you guess the exact the way he finishes like Ground and Pound, or Stand Up KO, or like what you said the exact Sub,

But keep the old scoring system the same just add Bonus, bonus points for the more Detail you think on how it will end.

I can see fights going to a decision effecting this way of scoring though, so there would have to be some way you would have to detail the way they get a decision...

Thats just my mind rambling....

I mean we can keep it simple and go with my original thought, and just give bonus points if you guess all three Who wins the fight / How they Win / What Round they Win, and if u guess all three correct on one fighter u get a bonus +5 or whatever you want the amount to be....

Those are the only things i can think of....

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