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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
And you must be very proud to have worked your way up there. With power comes responsibility, how you choose to act is up to you.
I don’t hunt, I occasionally compete in high-powered rifle match shooting competitions but I’m not into killing animals. However I think criticizing hunters who kill deer and EAT THEM is limited to bleeding heart city dwellers from fat rich countries who are sheltered and naive about wildlife management.

No one from a poor country would EVER DREAM of criticizing hunting for food.
I do NOT support “sport” hunting and trophy hunting and poaching endangered animals makes me want to choke a motherf*#ker out!

Everyone I know who hunts is far more in tune with nature and capable of living off the land than most city dwellers who tend to live a disposable consumer lifestyle and when they are not on their self righteous phony “environmentalist” crusade, rely entirely on those “unenlightened hicks” for their food.

Oh and back on track I’m not a Brock fan but I respect his love of hunting and choice of tracking, killing and packing out his kill. Not an easy task even for a seasoned hunter.
Try tracking a deer for miles in the snow, getting a clean shot at 300m+ with your heart rate racing then cleaning and packing out 180 pounds of kill.
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